Need an excuse to start getting excited about the World Cup? Then rest your gaze on England’s new World Cup kit and tell us it’s not got you frothing at the mouth in anticipation. Just don't look at the price tag...

Inspired by 1970 World Cup kit it’s pretty much the slickest kit we’ve seen the team wear in ages. That said, at £90 a pop they’re probably going to make most people throw up in their mouth a little bit.

We're not saying that we're not behind our boys all the way for the tournament but ninety smackeroons is slightly excessive. You could buy 450 packets of Space Raiders for that.

Or two of these Death Star Cookie Jars. And still have enough for the actual cookies.


Would you splash your cash on the new England shirt or is it overpriced stylish, sporty guff?

Let us know in the comments.

The England home and away kits are available to pre-order on from March 31, and on sale in stores and worldwide from April 3.