What do you get if you combine a few buckets of neon paint, Major Lazer, some awesome dancers and the latest boots from heritage boot brand Palladium? This clusterbomb of WTF awesomeness...

Sweat, featuring Laidback Luke and Ms Dynamite, is one of the most delightfully bat-shit cray offerings we've had from the music world recently. And by bat-shit cray, we mean terrifying in a good, almost sexy, kind of way. Like vampire level sexy. Where you're sort of scared but you can't stop staring.

We're genuinely not sure how we feel about it, but we can't stop watching it – which is good, right? Plus, for a change, there's not a single twerk in sight, which is pretty impressive considering the video's stars are the krump-tastic Underground Street Chronicles.

The whole thing is like a neon paint massacre, with a splash of voodoo and housey beats slathered all over the whole thing.

Check it out in all i's crazy awesomeness:


And if you're wondering about the nice kicks the dancers are wearing, they're kitted out in two styles from Palladium's autumn/winter 2013 collection: the Pallabrouse Baggy and the (luckily) waterproof Pampa Sport Cuff WP2. Check out the full collection here.