The five coolest things is a Californian special this week, for no reason other than that we wish we were in California. Get your California-related garms and Californifacts here.

These don't really look like Vans but they really are Vans

Vans California
Vans, £50

CALIFORNIA FACT NUMBER ONE: California contains the highest and lowest points in the contiguous. That's what Mount Whitney and Death Valley'll do for ya.

This bear is holding California in his big beary paws

Californa T-shirt
Munk One, $24

CALIFORNIA FACT NUMBER TWO: If California were a country, it'd have the eighth largest economy in the world.

If Batman was a Lakers fan, he'd wear this cap

Mitchell Ness NBA cap
Mitchell & Ness, £31.99

CALIFORNIA FACT NUMBER THREE: Over half of all the fresh fruit produced in the US comes from California.

Aww, cute little baby rappers

Two angle
Two Angle, £29.99

CALIFORNIA FACT NUMBER FOUR: California has around 37,000 earthquakes a year. That's what a Ring of Fire'll do for ya.

American Apparel is based in California so here's something from them

Horses running sweater
American Apparel, £61

CALIFORNIA FACT NUMBER FIVE: California is the only US state to have hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics.