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Posted by , 30 August 2011

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    The five looks you need for Autumn/Winter

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    Professor Green — street sleek

As a man, you need someone to look up to. An idol. A hero. A beacon of guidance. Someone to guide you in times of need.

We’re talking about the football player you pretend to be when you’re having a kickabout in the park. The rock star you embody as you croak out some 3am karaoke. The MMA lunatic you become as you walk past those shady-looking kids outside Londis after dark.

This is all well and good. But who will help you with that toughest of tasks – trying to dress yourself without looking like a tit?

That’s what FHM Collections is for. This month, just in time for Autumn/Winter and the changes your wardrobe requires to cope, we bring you three men whose styles share but one characteristic – utter brilliance.

If you're not familiar with a fully interactive magazine, what with it being a WORLD FIRST and all, here's how it works:


Robbie Williams, Professor Green and Matt Edmondson are unlikely to ever have that awkward moment when they bump into each other wearing the same outfit, but they each nail their individual style with aplomb.

So we tracked each of them down for a lovely chinwag and made studious notes on their sartorial savvy.

We've also got the best footwear, tweed, fragrances, watches, duffel coats, heritage brands and super sweatshirts, plus the six looks that will make you style king this season and expert advice from all of the high street's hottest designers.

Wow, that's a lot, hey? You couldn't possibly want more. But, just in case you're a bit greedy, we've also included the 25 style trends that'll put you ahead of the game.

You're welcome.


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