We officially hate Chris Evans.

A-list ex-girlfriends like Jessica Biel, an effortless six-pack, the integrity of an indie actor, but with the Hollywood cache to get the roles he wants, this 27-year-old from Boston is everything we’ll never be. He played Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, in Fantastic Four, a doomed astronaut in Danny Boyle’s epic Sunshine, and now he’s playing a telekinetic sort-of-hero in gritty sci-fi actioner, Push.

“I play this ex-pat who’s hiding out in Hong Kong,” says Evans. “It’s about a group of people who all have special abilities and there’s this branch of the government called Division who are out to find these people and tame them.”

A bit like Heroes, then? “Kind of, but it’s got a grainy, real look to it, so it’s not so reliant on special effects.” Having spent time living in student halls with the rest of the cast of Sunshine to experience loss of privacy, and ridden with the LAPD in Compton for Street Kings, Evans is no stranger to suffering for his art and Push is no different.

“There’s a really brutal fight, it lasts about ten minutes and filming took about a week,” Evans tells FHM. “Neither of the characters are trained fighters, so they wanted it to look messy and brutal.” So Evans won’t be donning any skin-tight jumpsuits this time, which is probably a good thing after ‘crotch-gate’.

“When we were filming Fantastic Four, word came back from the studio that our junk was protruding quite a bit… But it truly was just the costumes,” Evans says sheepishly, before explaining his lack of costume in day-to-day life. “I’m not a fashionable guy, never have been. I go for comfort over style. I have this one black hooded top, and I love it.” Is it made from unstable molecules? “Well I never wash it so, it could probably walk on its own.”

Push is released February 20

Photography: Don Flood

Fashion: Jessica Punter

Words: Josh Woodfin