Each year we get FHM readers to vote on which bottles and lotions in their cupboards deserve to win the FHM Grooming Awards and this year is no exception.

You've voted for the grooming products that keep your hair shinier than Kelly, your skin smoother than Gary and your pits more fragrant than, erm, Louis?

And the winners are…

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male £37.50 for 75ml

We say: Having the bust of a buff male torso in the bathroom would normally raise eyebrows. But the blend of lavender, cinnamon, vanilla and sandalwood in the fragrance have made it a favourite since 1995. It also means there’ll be at least one six pack in your house.

You say: “I love it and so do the girls. Not overpowering but fresh and light.” Steve Burrell

“Le Male can be worn anywhere at any time and is never out of place or out of date.” Raymond Povey

L’Oréal Men Expert Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Zero Trace £3.50

We say: Unsightly white smears across a dark shirt won’t impress colleagues, dates or in-laws. This nifty little number bids good riddance to them every morning, and the long-lasting scent ensures that you’ll still be good to go at 6pm.

You say: “I used to hate lifting my arms in a packed train, but this lasts all day and keeps away pit stains.” Munieb Raban

“It’s very effective and doesn’t irritate my skin.” Stuart Lowson

Nivea For Men Deep Cleaning Face Wash £4.30

We say: Neanderthal man would have scoffed at our need for grooming products. But Neanderthal man did not have car fumes vomiting at him and city smog to contend with. This cleanser works to rid the skin of those 21st century day-to-day impurities.

You say: “Great for washes in the morning when you’re in a rush, it really does make a great difference.” Sam Barron

Lynx Rise Shower Gel £2.50 for 250ml

We say: The ‘Lynx effect’ might not quite live up to what the ads promise, but that doesn’t stop this zesty bodywash getting your vote. Natural minerals and an invigorating scent make the morning trudge to the shower that little bit less painful.

You say: “Smells like a Saturday morning, and always makes me think of going to the footy!” Andy McColl

Clinique Skin Supplies For Men Anti Blemish Post-Shave Soother £17

We say: A nutmeg scent and aloe vera gel make the daily scrape that little bit more bearable. It’s not the cheapest product, but there’s nothing that leaves your skin as fresh and blemish free as this Clinique wonder.

You say: “Smoothes any razor burn, leaving you feeling fresh and invigorated.” Keith Paterson

Head and shoulders £2 –£6

We say: This is still – pardon the pun – head and shoulders above the rest. It uses ‘Pyrithione Zinc’ to demolish dandruff, making snow-flecked jackets a thing of the past.

You say: “It makes my hair feel clean no matter what gunk I put in it. Smells good, keeps me dandruff free and it’s affordable.” Matthew Johns

Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener £20

We say: This ingenious wonder makes mornings of frustrated nicks a thing of the past. The device has a blade sharpening ‘plate’ to get rid of skin and hair that clog the razor blade, extending its life for up to 150 shaves.

You say: “I bought this recently after recommendations from friends. It allows your blade to shave much more, along with a closer shave – a good investment.” Andre Lim

Nivea For Men Revitalising Moisturiser Q10 £11.80

We say: Winner of two categories, Nivea’s moisturiser got more votes than Obama. Almost. Now for the science bit: the Q10 is a coenzyme already found in the skin, which helps to refresh sagging morning faces. In other words, it boosts vitality and fends off antioxidants.

You say: “It works, it’s affordable and easy to find. Quality ingredients, the best in men’s skin care. Top notch.” Curtis Vasseur

VO5 extreme style £2 – £5

We say: The genius of this range is its ability to look invisible but do the job in hand. The matt element means you won’t have to worry about looking like an extra from TOWIE, while the long-lasting formula will ensure one application in the morning will see you through to the early hours.

You say: “Easy to apply, quick setting and I can guarantee my hair will look just as good at the end of the day.” Paul Sykes

Nivea For Men £1.60 – £15

We say: Whether you want to cleanse, tone or moisturise, you’ll struggle to find a range as effective – and affordable – as Nivea’s. A regular FHM Grooming Awards winner, this collection has gone from strength to strength, and is still the one to beat.

You say: “Nivea always delivers the goods without breaking the bank!” Bob Beynon

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste trio £25 for 30ml

We say: This trio of fragrances celebrate the sporting past of this French brand (Rene Lacoste made the first ever polo shirts, don’t you know). From crisp mint and bamboo wood to sharp grapefruit and cool aqua shades, there’s no excuse to leave the gym smelling like a block of Camembert ever again.

You say: “Great manly smell – girls love it. Plus a good brand and well priced.” Rikhil Morjaria

L’Oréal Men Expert Hydra energetic Ice Cool Eye Roll-On £11.25

We say: The pitfalls of late nights and endless rounds are many, but apart from an angry bank manager it’s your face and peepers that suffer the most. To pre-empt this, L’Oréal’s nifty little number brings an ice-cool blast to tired eyes.

You say: “I go partying a lot, but I don’t worry about eye bags more. Since having this on my bathroom shelf, I party harder!” Gary Chilcott

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Shave Gel £4

We say: Tiny squares of tissue, dotted in blood, with an aggressive patch of skin underneath; it’s a sight we’re all familiar with on the Monday commute to work. The war wounds of the morning shave are a daily struggle, but this gel contains shea butter to sooth and protect.

You say: “The best shaving product on the market, it really gives a smooth and effortless shave and causes far less irritation than other products I’ve used.” James Davis

Philips SensoTouch 3D £270

We say: It may look like something that’s about to attack planet Earth, but that’s because a lot of boffin power has gone into this piece of grooming tech. The three rotating heads are designed to sculpt the contours of the neck and jaw for an even, thorough shave.

You say: “This is the best electric shaver I have come across. It glides along the skin and the 3D system allows it to catch even the smallest hairs.” Daniel Woolley

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor £15

We say: If you still find yourself nursing bloody jaws and an itchy neck, it’s probably time to upgrade your razor. Gillette’s ProGlide has super thin blades and a gel coating that makes the daily pull and tug that little bit easier.

You say: “When it comes to razors, my hairy face has tried a few brands but I always come running back to Gillette’s begging for forgiveness.” Alessio Corso

Regaine For Men Extra Strength Scalp Foam £70 for 3 month supply

We say: With Wayne Rooney doing his bit to stem the baldness tides, there’s no longer any shame in doing whatever you can to keep what you’ve got up top. Thankfully you don’t have to spend thousands like Wazza – Regaine’s product has a surprisingly high success rate without costing the world.

You say: “Like most men I feel sensitive about hair loss, so any product that can help is greatly appreciated. This is the best by far.” Terry Kershaw