Over on the FHM Facebook page we held a big debate. What are the best trainers in existence? Loads of you told us exactly what trainers kick other trainers asses.

In case you didn’t get involved (if so, get signed up to our Facebook page, cos we do this all the time) here’s what you should be considering when deciding what trainers are the most epic.

CLASSIC – a good trainer never goes out of style, like a pair of Converse. Anyone can get involved, wear them with pride and nobody feels like a massive tool because they’re trying to get in on a trend.

NUMBER – If all you ever buy is Reebok or Adidas, then they’re probably high on your list of the best trainers, no? If you have a long-term relationship with that brand you’re probably a bit of a fan.

PRICE – Cheap trainers (by which we mean cheap, cheap trainers) fall apart. They get smelly quicker. They look naff. There’s no point getting a cheap pair for £8 if you need to get new ones all the time. Also, gold-plated trainers worth £30,000 are stupid, and you’ll get mugged, and then you’ll be £30,000 poorer and your toilet will get repossessed.

SO with all/none of that in mind, here are the trainers that got the most votes in no particular order.

Converse All Star: always imitated but never bettered, these baseball trainers are an essential bit of kit for your feet. Loads of colours and varieties (they even do knee-high ones, if that’s your sort of thing?), these look great with a pair of chinos.

Adidas Gazelle: Rab Colquhourn on our FB page said, "Adidas Gazelles – accept no limitations" and we think Rab is a wise old bastard. The white-on-black looks killer, especially after the Craig David-inspired shell toes.

Nike Air Jordans: we're a big fan of the Air Jordans, personally, especially these ones in red, black and white. Don’t be put off by the basketball-inspired design, these can be worn casually without people anticipating slam-dunks in public.

Vans: popular, but not without controversy. Daniel Colaque said on our FB page that his favourite trainers were vans, but "proper Vans, not those hipster slipper bollocks things". We think it’s pretty cool that Vans have started becoming more and more trendy this year (we’ve been wearing them since we went through a phase of wanting to be a skateboarder) so we’re clearly pretty on trend.

Agree? Disagree? Want to feed our egos? You'd best hop along to the FHM Facebook page - we think it's got all kinds of awesome on it.