Style is great, isn't it? Fashion's a bit 'oo this is very IN and that's very OUT and my shoes are a bit 'shake it all about' but Style is uncomplicated, natural awesomeness. Which we obviously have in droves.

In our ongoing mission to dispel the greatest wisdom possible when it comes to men's style, we have enlisted the help of the entire internet, leaving no stone unturned to make sure we're able to give only the best advice, from the coolest folk around.

So, scroll down for our lowdown on some of the coolest people in style, and what they plan on talking about in Autumn/Winter.


Pulling Teeth main

"My mission through my blog is to bring a Do-It-Yourself approach to trends and runway looks. Through the fall season I'll continue to showcase my personal style as well as designer collections I love, DIY projects, and anything else that I find inspiring."

Ape to Gentleman
This winter will see Ape to Gentleman further explore the inherent relationship between men's Fashion and Grooming with a series of interviews and photographic journeys involving the world’s finest retail establishments and the most exclusive grooming brands worldwide. Contributions will come from as far as Harajuku Japan and from as near as your local barber shop.

SmartGeezer - a daily men's fashion blog scouring online menswear sites to bring you essential items everyday. Focusing on Autumn and Winter 2011 with coats, scarves, jackets, boots, shirts and more.



A lifestyle website in its own right, but we think Blokely’s Style and Grooming section has some proper advice when it comes to what you should be wearing. Whether you’re into higher-end style or want to know what’s the best buys on the high street, Blokely is your place to go.

Fashion Beans
This season fashionbeans' MAN series brings you the hottest styling tips for AW via exclusively styled shoots and features; the new 'Style News' section provides daily updates of fashion news as it breaks - all this as well as the regular look books, dressing guides and stylish fashion features.

The Style King
The Style King does more than just talk about the latest clothes hitting stores. Their style guides solve your style dilemmas, they pay homage to the most iconic figures and movements in popular culture, AND they have an online store, so you can buy anything you like the look of there and then. Pretty nifty, eh?

Street Etiquette

Street etiquette

Founded 2008 by Joshua Krissi and Travis Gumbs, this simple style blog has gone on to become one of the most important blogs on the internet. Forget stuffy clothes and expensive pieces, the SE philosophy is all about looking your best and using what you’ve got to be resourceful and forward thinking.