To say the Ford Mustang is an iconic car is an enormous understatement. Think Steve "Bullitt" McQueen chasing bad guys through San Francisco. Think Will Smith stalking zombies through a post-apocalyptic New York. Think Mustang Sally…erm, riding round town?

But up until now if you wanted to do any of that you had to go to the States, because the Mustang hasn’t been available in Europe. Until now.

FHM had a sneak peak at the new model this week. Here’s what you need to know about the new Ford Mustang.

01  It takes corners better than Mezut Ozil
Fair enough, the M25 is no Pacific Coast Highway but the Mustang has always been about tearing along the open road and the new model is a lighter, sleeker beast than before with its all-new front and rear suspension systems designed for the twisty European roads.

02  It's Better For The Environment

So, you like cars but you also like polar bears? No problem. The new 2.3 litre Eco-Boost engine offers greater fuel efficiency and less CO2 emissions. So you save the environment and your wallet, which is known in science as a double win.

03  It Hasn't Lost The Power
Don’t be fooled by talk of tree-hugging eco engines, this is no electric golf buggy. The new Mustang’s lighter chassis means it’s still face-meltingly fast.

04  It's Just Like Knightrider (sort of)
Talking to your car may conjure up images of a heavily-permed Hasselhoff, but in 2013 it's a bloody reality. Ford SYNC technology lets you control everything from your iPhone apps to music with your voice while you drive.

05  It’s insanely sexy
From the signature Shark Nose front fascia to the cockpit inspired interior (The speedometer shows “Ground Speed” instead of MPH), there’s no mistaking this classic design. If FHM did a 100 Sexiest cars, the Mustang would be Mila Kunis.

Words by Zack Cahill