If you’re looking for a vibrant new design in a classic shoe style, The Dragon will get you all fired up with these proper blazin' kicks. We’ll stop with the puns now.

What are they: The classic Dragon running shoe - a style that has stood the test of time since the 70s, which is a lot more we can say for some fashion staples. Rod Stewart’s mullet anyone?

Scotts have given them a Kill Bill-esque, fiery yellow colour update that’s exclusive to their stores.

Pop fact: Adidas is based in a Bavarian town called Herzogenaurach. Try saying that after you’ve had a few drinks, or whilst sober even.

Also, it’s thought that spitting cobras may have inspired myths about dragons. So whilst you may be comforted to know that dragons don’t exist, spitting cobras definitely do. And they can kill you in 30 minutes with one bite. Which is quicker than most pizza deliveries.

Where to wear them: On a dull, rainy English day when everyone will appreciate a bit of sunshine in their lives. Or if you’re storming a Dojo in a Bruce Lee tracksuit to avenge the death of your family. Probably don’t wear them anywhere too mucky/bloody though, you’ll want to keep that golden yellow sparkling.

What to wear them with: Yellow looks awesome with solid navy blue so your regular jeans with a simple but suave jacket like this would compliment the shoes. Alternatively, embrace colour in all its glory and wear them with a zany bright ensemble.

How much are they: £55. This Sunshine Yellow is exclusive to Scotts Menswear, you can find them here.
Words by Beth Miall