Do you see that?

Look outside.

Do you see it? That's what sunshine looks like. Remember it?

Its presence means one glorious thing - spring is almost here.

That means we'll be putting away our winter woollies and looking for all-new, lighter garms. And shopping for them doesn't have to be a massive slog.

Just as well, then, that the new issue of FHM is on hand to help you out. Because when you pick up your copy of the mag this month, starring pin-up legend Carmen Electra, you'll also get a FREE copy of the FHM Collections S/S 2014 Style Manual.

This year, it's all about rebooting your wardrobe with fresher, more upbeat, positive looks; whether it's the easily wearable sports gear or the slightly more out-there cowboy-influenced get-up.

Here's what you've got to look forward to...

We chat to Game Of Thrones star Alfie Allen about fame, family and hard graft.

Alfie Allen for FHM

We meet another bunch of game changers who know a thing or two about working their nads off to acheive success.

Greg Lucci

We also learnt that we can dress like a surfer, even when we're not at the beach.

If none of this fails to raise a smile, there's always a pensive poochy wearing some of the finest, coolest clothes on earth.

FHM Collections : Dogs

Grab your copy in the shops, download it and enjoy!

Fashion director: William Barnes
Co-edited by Ange Hughes