Festival season is in full swing and what better way to attract attention than with a fresh hairstyle that will go the distance.

 Here’s how to get your own indie barnet with help from VO5’s head stylist Daniel Lynes.



Step 1:

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Firstly, your hair needs a classic graduation shape cut into it.

Keep the sides and the back shorter than the top but don’t let the barber cut it too cleanly – it needs a bit of length around the edges to give it a nice chunky texture.


Step 2:

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After washing, towel dry and apply VO5‘s Casual Control Fluff Tamer – enough to cover two finger tips.

Work throughout your hair and focus on the front; this will control any stray hairs and enhance the style without looking too ‘done’.


Step 3:

Leave to dry naturally or, if you need to, dry on a cool setting but don’t ruffle the hair up too much at this stage as it’ll ruin the end result.


Step 4:

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Once your hair is dry, add some of VO5’s Casual Control Dry Texture Spray to finish off.

This will define the shape to your new cut and keep your hair in control without feeling like you’ve overloaded on product. 


Step 5:

For a soft-to-touch finish, feel free to use your hands to add some last minute messiness to the new style.

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Compiled by: Daisy Deane