Are you watching Sherlock on BBC1? We are. We're loving it right now, and not just when Irene Adler is swanning about in the altogether pre-watershed. We're loving Sherlock's coat, too. Let's take a look at it:

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock stop looking at us like that you're making us feel uncomfortable

See? Long, warm, badass. It's the sort of coat that The Matrix would wear on Sundays if it settled down and had kids. Fantastic coat. Wonderful. Now, if you want your own version of Sherlock's coat, there're a couple of problems: firstly, the coat wizards at Belstaff who made the original are no longer producing it, and secondly, it'd set you back around £1350. Woah.

So, affordable alternatives, then? You can't go far wrong with the high street, or your local friendly military surplus store:

High Street Sleuth

You'll be hard-pressed to find a coat as long or as impressive on the high street, as even dressy military styles tend to run shorter than you'd need. But here's a handful of stuff that's close enough to wear and start imagining floating words everywhere, and most of them are on sale prices at the moment:

Linea, House of Fraser
Linea, House of Fraser, £81

All Saints coat
Gable Coat, All Saints, £125

Topman, Navy Wool SB3, £40

Jeff Banks at Debenhams, £90 (this is probably our favourite, as it almost gets the lapels right and it's not toooo expensive)

Milsurp Mentalist

You can do worse than checking out your local military surplus shop to see if they've got suitable alternatives– although the stores tend to be a bit sporadic in terms of stock and are often run by thousand-yard-staring hardcases, proper ex-military coats are tough as balls and can withstand years of wear and tear. Plus, they're cheap as chips. Well. They're cheap as chips that cost about fifty quid, so they're as cheap as very expensive chips. But still cheap!

If you haven't got a local shop, or you've been scared off by that guy stabbing a combat knife between his outstretched fingers on the checkout counter, then you can have a look online:

Soviet Airforce Officer's Coat,, £39.99
(the amusingly-named also have this cracking Bulgarian army greatcoat for £35.99 which has nifty red piping on it)

German Marine Colani Pea Coat,, £49.99
(artfully modelled by that bloke from Feeder, clearly – it's a bit short but the neck is HUGE and kinda cool)

Mean and Green
Soviet Issue Airforce Great Coat,, £49.95
(comes complete with a nice Soviet airforce badge on the arm)

Vintage Swiss Greatcoat,, £30
(these guys are in the States so you'll have to pay a bit extra on postage, but they've got a good selection on military greatcoats in need of an iron and a good home)