Lazy Man's Guide To Fitness #1

Posted by , 17 June 2013

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Get strong like Superman

Superman dates back to the 1930's, his famous underwear-on-the-outside fashion statement was a nod to Victorian era circus strongmen. The underpants have been ditched for the latest big screen incarnation but the super-strength remains intact.

How to get the power

Follow the rule of 3-5, your strength will come through a dedicated repitition based work out so build your exercise session around the following:

3-5 sets
3-5 reps
3-5 exercises (deadlift, chin-up, military press for example)
To really build strength, concentrate on low reps with heavy weights and long rests to allow your muscles to rebuild between exercises.

Super Cheat

Testosterone tends to peak around 3 in the afternoon, so if possible try and schedule your strength workouts at this time for optimum muscles gain.

Words: Zack Cahill at Aegis Training


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