Every English guy that visits the States immediately thinks two things on arriving. One: look how much fatter everyone is than me! Two: Shit, look at their teeth. Luckily you don't have to have been born in the USA to rock a gleaming set of pearly whites...

Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith of The London Smile Clinic gives us some pointers

Sodium Bicarbon- great!

“The best product for natural whitening is baking soda. It's included in some whitening toothpastes but you can mix in a bit with your regular toothpaste to get the same effect. I wouldn’t do this too often though as it can actually harm the teeth in the long run. Another simple way to lift stains is to snack on apples, celery and carrots, which have enough abrasiveness to clean the tooth surface.”

Everything In Moderation

“Soft drinks, coffee, tea, wine and sports drinks all stain teeth and can damage enamel too, so if you moderate how much of these you have it'll help your teeth to stay whiter. And I know everyone always goes on about flossing but it’s a simple and cheap way of keeping your teeth looking good.”

Next-Level Cleaning

"I would recommend guys try BriteWhite toothpaste and BriteSmile mouthwash - made by the company which builds teeth whitening lasers - to improve the colour of their teeth. Both products are under a tenner."

Pick them up here.

...But Don't Go Nuts

“Everyone’s teeth are different and therefore whitening works differently on every person. The  ‘Hollywood Smile’ isn’t as popular anymore - now it is all about the ‘21st Century Smile’, which means having natural, healthy-looking teeth. I think just looking at the person you can tell what shade of white is too much.”

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