Get the Mad Men look with Steve Jones

Posted by , 27 March 2012

Get the <i>Mad Men</i> look with Steve Jones


Mad Men is back, bringing with it America’s most stylish bullshit peddlers who look so good you can’t help but buy whatever the hell it is they’re selling. “Mustard flavour marshmallows? No mate, I’m alri… stone me, look at your suit! I’ll take a dozen bags.”

Don Draper and company are as famous for their sartorial panache as they are for polishing off whiskey sours and saying things like, “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation”.

When Mad Men first started in 2007, it caused a renaissance in 60s fashion. Every bit of old clothing found in your dad’s wardrobe became ‘Mad Men style’ and people started wearing tortoise shell glasses and fedoras without irony or the defence of fancy dress.

But the main influence was on suits. Not only did Mad Men reclaim suits from door-to-door salesmen and make them cool again, it actually said to designers, “Hey, you! Stop what you’re doing and just copy this, instead”. And they did. Not just the usual knock-off merchants, either. Top notch designers like Michael Kors produced suits so faithful to the Mad Men style that you got a free boxset with any purchase over $350.

This normally happens in women’s fashion: an actress will wear a thing, then loads of women who want to be that actress will go and buy that thing.

But you shouldn’t be too proud to take some style influence from TV’s best-dressed. If Mad Men style is good enough for Steve Jones – a man who doesn’t have trouble looking good or attracting women – then it’s good enough for us.

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