Lazy Man's Guide To Fitness #1

Posted by , 17 June 2013

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Get Thor-like power

Thor is the only hero with a day of the week named after him (seriously, Thursday is named after Thor, Wednesday after his father Odin, and Saturday after rubbish-but-hot girl-band The Saturdays..)

Thor is one of the most powerful Avengers. In the technical sense, power is a combination of strength and speed. Think throwing a heavy rock rather than hoisting it slowly off the ground.

Get the power

You can’t beat Olympic weightlifting for power development. It’s a very technically demanding sport, the masters have been slaving away in a Bulgarian training camp since they left the womb.

However, the Snatch Pull is a far less complicated movement that yields the same benefits and is perfect boosting natural body power.

The Super Cheat

Schedule the snatch pull first in your workout and then follow it with the deadlift for a heroic combination of strength and power.

Words: Zack Cahill at Aegis Training

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