2014 is now, predictably, similar to 2013, but there is one area in which there is cause for excitement: the gadgets hitting the market thick and fast.

From contact lenses that'll give you Terminator vision to a flying drone powered by your phone, Leo Davie from The Coolector gives us five of the best he's seen this week.

01 Geneva XXL Sound System

The saying may well be 'go hard or go home', but it could just as easily be 'go large or go home'. And that needn't just apply to your McDonald's order.

It's equally as applicable to your music, and that's why you should definitely be rocking something like the Geneva XXL Sound System. It holds TVs up to 65 inches in size and guarantees to make you deaf within a week.* Run of the mill, Lenny Kravitz dad-rock optional.

*Not a guarantee.

Price Approx £2,500 at Geneva Lab

02 LG Curved Full HD 3D Smart TV

A curved television may seem like the sort of thing boffins were inaccurately predicting in the 1960s, but it's now an actual thing. And we can confirm that it's all sorts of awesome as this epic LG Curved 3D Full HD television admirably illustrates.

The curve provides more viewing angles so you'll be able to curse your team scoring that last-minute own goal from a whole new dimension. It'll also fit in the corner of your living room better than the 'normal' square box efforts...

Available at John Lewis Online.

03 Parrot Mini Drone

Parrots are pretty cool by and large, but they just reached a whole new level of awesomeness courtesy of the brilliant-looking Parrot Mini Drone. This little chap can be controlled via any smartphone and will be crashing into a boss' face in an office near you soon.

See more at Parrot

04 Apple TV Tray

Got an Apple TV? Hate how it makes your TV stand look messy? Then you've got a serious case of First World Problems.

Or, perhaps, you're just in requirement of one of these Apple TV Trays that neatly store the little device and make your flat smell of rich... walnut.

Price £30 at Tinsel & Timber

05 Google Smart Contact Lenses

Want more stuff to distract you while crossing the road? Say hello to Google Smart Contact Lenses. Not content with having the glasses market covered, Google have ventured into contact lenses and this thrills and terrifies us in equal measure.

Basically a real-time search history of everything you look at.

Read more at Google

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