With the summer taking a turn for the sporting worst, Leo Davie from The Coolector is here to cheer you up with his picks of the best gadgets and technology he's encountered this week:


01  Google Cardboard VR Headset

Despite looking a lot like a mask that the creepy guy would wear in a horror movie, this is actually Google's bash at creating a much more affordable version of the impressive-looking Oculus Rift.

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02  French Cuff Bottle Openers

Just had a job interview that's gone well? Want to celebrate with a few brewskies? Well, head to the off license, grab a six pack and make a bee-line for the park bench because you'll have a ready-made beer liberator in the form of these French Cuff Bottle Openers.

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03  Withings Activité Fitness Tracker

One thing you may have noticed about the majority of the fitness-orientated watches on the market is that they are obviously fitness watches with all sorts of bells and whistles. Well, the Withings Activité Fitness Tracker dares to be different in, errrr, looking like an actual watch.

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04  Alessi Juicer

Want a juicer that looks like a prop from War of the Worlds? Well, you're in luck, sir, because that's exactly what you've got with this Alessi Juicer designed by Phillipe Starck.

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05  Hotblack Watches

Don't let England's footballing ineptitude make you swear off football for life – there's a much more enjoyable Premiership season right around the corner. If you want to keep up to date with your team's score in real-time, you'll want to get your hands on a Hotblack Watch, which delivers scores to the watch face as the goals fly in.

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