With England's woeful World Cup performances depressing the nation, Leo Davie from The Coolector takes a look at some of the gadgets and technology that might just cheer you up.


01  Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Previously you might have scoffed at the idea of electric cars and motorbikes owing to how god-awful they tend to look. 

But when someone like Harley-Davidson steps up to the plate and creates something as badass as this, you know you’ve got to pay attention.

Electric vehicles suddenly got a load more interesting. 

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02  Frozen Beer Slushie Maker


It’s the World Cup so, whether you’re drowning your sorrows or celebrating, you’ve pretty much got all excuses covered for buying this extremely brilliant but unnecessary bit of kit.

Available: Japan Trend Shop


03  Steak Locker

If you take your steaks seriously, to the point whereby you want to give them their very own residence, then you will probably want a gander at this. 

The Steak Locker will keep your meat on full display for all to see with the added bonus of it being the world’s first home dry-aging fridge. 

Show Support: Kickstarter


04  Titan Zeus

If watching England lose on a 42-inch screen isn't cutting the mustard anymore and you're happy to have a spare £1 million lying around then you can get your hands on one of these 370-inch Titan Zeus televisions.

Available: Titan Screens


05  Aquatic Audio Cooler

If you're not too bitter to enjoy World Cup barbecues now, you might as well find a cooler that will keep the party going whilst keeping your craft ales cool. 

The whole thing is also waterproof for the klutzy amongst us and also boasts built in speakers. Win-win-win.

Available: AquaticAudio