Lose your Christmas belly in just 28 days

Posted by , 06 January 2014



What is it?
Back in the 1970s, a chap called Bikram Choudhury decided that 2,000 years’ worth of yoga tradition was all well and good, but not quite hot enough. So he came up with the idea of doing all your normal yoga, only in a very hot room. Nowadays there are tons of places offering up hot yoga at varying temperatures and prices – you can crank it up to 45 degrees heat if you so wish – but we recommend Hotpod’s Vinyassa Yoga classes. At a mere 37 degrees Celsius you won’t pass out, and it’s the optimum temperature to get yourself supple. 
How hard is it?
You’d think that breathing slowly and bending over would be a piece of cake, right? Wrong. Get yourself into a plank position, in a room with 40% humidity, then try inhaling without falling on your face. It’s tougher than you’d think.
Will it shift my belly?
Forget the smug, mantra-chanting nonsense you might normally associate with yoga – the intense heat and variety of moves make this an intense workout. And despite how stressful it is trying to relax at the beginning, we challenge you not to leave feeling more at peace with yourself.
Check out Hotpod Yoga, a new London-based company that offer hot Vinyasa yoga sessions inside a unique inflatable and totally portable heated pod. The sessions are an hour long, and a great class for novices or yogis alike.
Book a class at Hot Pod Yoga

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