eBay, that mystical internet place where you can sell everything from your old socks to your dad’s vinyls.  Here’s our guide to mastering the system, avoiding the conmen and blagging yourself some absolute bargains….

FHM's 3 Golden Rules of eBay

01  Read absolutely everything in the listing. While most eBay sellers are on the level, many of them will “hide” off-putting information way down the page, in a titchy-tiny, green-on-yellow font. “Trainers mailed via Hong Kong – please allow eight to 10 weeks for delivery” – that kinda thing.  



02  Check that the photo is legit. If you’re buying something particularly valuable and the dealer selling it is reputable, their photo should include proof that they actually possess it and they haven’t just recycled the pic from elsewhere. A business card or handwritten note lying next to the shoes will do it.




03  Try deliberately misspelling your search. You can often grab a sneaky bargain by checking for misspelled listings that normal searches won’t bring up – you’ll be amazed by how many “Air Jordons” there are on eBay…


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