Valentine's Day is just one sleep away, which means you're probably sat around doing one of either three things:

1) Moping around dateless trying to see which one of your mates are around on the 14th for a pint, while furiously texting every girl you've met in the last six months.

2) Panicking about what the hell you're supposed to buy your girlfriend after you messed it all up massively last year with those footy tickets.

3) Counting your lucky stars because you've managed to get a date sorted, but also absolutely bricking it because you met on Tinder and she has no idea you actually dress like Johnny Vegas on a hangover.

If your problem is the latter, then check out our style guide below.

How to dress for...


A fancy dinner

The clothes: You don’t want to look like you haven’t made an effort, but it’s worse still to outdo her. Go for a slim navy suit and a muted knit, with white plimsolls to keep it just the right side of try-hard. Just make sure they’re clean.

Too far: Accessories. No chunky watches, beaded necklaces or bling.

A cinema trip


The clothes: Wear comfy jeans and loose undies, so your body language stays casual. You’re dressing for a date in the dark, so you can keep things simple – but go bold with your trainers.

Too far: Joggers. While they give you greater movability, they’re a no-go. There’s comfy, and there’s too comfy.

A walk in the park

The clothes: Staying warm and stylish is all about layering. Start with a good manly coat and a cool hat. For your feet, this season’s on-trend hiking boots are both practical and stylish.

Too far: Leather gloves. Burglar chic was so last year.

A sweaty gig

The clothes: A lightweight jacket that you can stash easily is essential. You’ll sweat a ton, so avoid grey tees and stick to white. This is the only date where worn-in trainers are acceptable.

Too far: A band tee. Getting more excited by the music than her won’t do.

A few drinks

The clothes: This whole look is built around dressing up some jeans, which means only a shirt and a pair of shiny brogues will do. Some worn-in denim will make sure you don’t look like you’ve come straight from the office.

Too far: Smart trousers. People will think you’re the waiter.