A six-pack is a bit like a subtle but expensive wristwatch. It’s only achieved through hard work and not everybody will notice, but it'll make you feel great and for the ones that do notice it's worth every second of effort.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to train for a six pack and its not about treadmills and sit-ups. Follow FHM Personal Trainer Zack Cahill’s tips and make sure your efforts aren’t wasted.

01  Lift weights three times a week

Forget the treadmill. A full body weight training session will give you the fat burning effect of running with the added benefit of building muscle. More muscle means a super charged metabolism, meaning it's easier to stay lean. Train your whole body every time you hit the gym with big, multi joint exercises like squats and chin-ups.

02  Ditch the carbs

Carbs should be earned. Feel free to include them in one of your post workout meals but otherwise stick to protein and green veg. (Contrary to popular belief, it's fine to include carbs in your last meal of the day as it will help you sleep by releasing a hormone called melatonin)

03  Boost your protein

A meal is not a meal unless it includes at least 30 grams of protein (that's a palm sized portion of chicken). Protein builds muscle which helps keep you lean for life. It also keeps you fuller for longer and offsets cravings. 

04  Sleep better

Poor sleep plays havoc with your hormones. Hormones are the boss when it comes to fat loss so you don't want to piss them off. Chronic lack of sleep leads to fat gain around the abdominals, lower testosterone levels and carb cravings, a triple threat to your six pack efforts. While on this program, get to bed by ten. A magnesium supplement and a cup of tulsi tea right before lights out are a great knock-out cocktail.

05  Include sprint intervals

Run fast, short and hard versus long and slow. Find a hill, sprint to the top and walk back down. Do that ten times and you've got a perfect fat burning workout. Two sprint sessions per week should be included along with your three weights workouts.



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Words: Zack Cahill

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