The following are techniques used by fitness models to peak for a photo shoot. You could also use them if you have a last minute beach holiday.

Now, we’re not saying this will magically shift your beer belly in 7 days because that takes work, but if you’re already rocking a four pack it will give you an extra pair…

Here's how to take your body from good to great.

Step 1- One week before your photo shoot, drop carbohydrates from your diet.
It's brutal, but it's still the fastest way to achieve short term fat loss. Load up on omelettes, chicken salads and fish and greens. Avoid rice, bread, pasta, potatoes and anything else fun.

Step 2- In the gym, switch to full body workouts using 12-15 reps per set. The goal here is to deplete your muscles of something called glycogen, which will be important later.

Step 3- While dropping carbs and increasing reps, begin increasing water consumption gradually.  Have four litres on days one and two, five litres on day three and six on days four and five.

You'll be visiting the toilet so much you'll consider fitting a catheter. No one said this would be easy but it’ll pay off.

Got that? Good, that takes us to day six, the day before our "target" day. This is where things get interesting.

Step 4- keep water high until 3pm, then start to reduce it, having sips only when you're very thirsty. Around 7 o'clock have one glass of dry white wine.

Step 5- For your last meal of the day on day 5, include a serving of carbs like rice or potatoes. As you can see, we now reverse the plan from low carb and high water to high carb and low water. This becomes even more extreme on the final day.

Step 6- Now you can have carbs every meal, and the fun part is they don't even need to be healthy choices, in fact an hour before your photos you can have a few jelly beans or wine gums for a quick sugar hit.

That's where the fun stops though...

Step 7- Water needs to be cut completely until your photo shoot. This is completely unhealthy, and entirely about creating the illusion of a great body, but it's standard procedure for fitness models preparing for a shoot. It's horrible, and if you feel particularly rough you can take a few very small sips, but dehydration is the goal here.

Your glycogen starved muscles are now grabbing and storing the sugar you've been depriving them of all week. But glycogen needs to bond with water molecules, and you've just cut off the supply.

Your muscles respond now by grabbing any water lying under the skin. The result? You look ripped.

Step 8- Pump up. Right before your shoot, grab some light dumbbells and start getting a pump in the chest shoulders and arms. Press ups, bicep curls and lateral raises are enough, this is your one excuse to train the "ego" muscles and neglect everything else.


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