You meet new people all the time and every single one of them judges you within seconds. Sometimes, like when the newsagent gives you dirty looks for buying cans of lager before noon, it doesn’t really matter. Other times, like in a job interview or a first meeting with your girlfriend’s terrifyingly well-bred yet masculine father, it matters a lot. Creating a good first impression, making people like you in a matter of minutes, could be one of the best skills you ever learn. Luckily for you, it isn’t actually that hard…


01 Fool people with specs appeal


Want to give off the right vibes? Grab some specs. According to the British College of Optometrists, 33% of Brits believe glasses make a person look more professional, while 43% of us believe glasses-wearers look more intelligent.

02 Get a side parting

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Researchers at Yale University conducted a study into first impressions of hairstyles. Men with a side parting came across as the most intelligent, while men with long hair were perceived to be significantly less so.

03 Ditch the beard 

A recent University of Victoria paper published in the Behavioural Ecology journal discovered that women found bearded men significantly more attractive after their fuzz was removed.

04 Make the shake count

Job applicants with a firm handshake have a higher chance of success than applicants with a weak handshake, according to boffins at the University Of Iowa. The research concluded a good handshake involves a firm, complete grip and eye contact.

05 Ask questions

Harvard University neuroscientists have discovered that talking about yourself activates the regions of the brain that are also responsible for the thrills of food, sex, money and drug addiction. “Self-disclosure feels good, basically,” says study author Diana Tamir.

06 Scowl

If you’re looking to attract, lose the smile. A University of British Columbia study found that, at first glace, women found smiling, happy men less attractive than proud and powerful men or moody men.

07 Stand head on, feet apart



According to London School of Economics sociologist Catherine Hakim, men who face others head-on with their spine erect, head held high and feet about a foot apart convey a dominant, self-assured, in-control attitude, which is a huge turn-on for women.

08 Break out the sensible shoes

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Recent research by psychologists at the University of Kansas has revealed that people can judge your personality by studying your shoes. The study, published in the Journal of Research in Personality found that agreeable people wore practical and functional shoes and aggressive people leant towards ankle boots. 


09 Wear a green tie

Green tie


Research by Southern England Psychological Services has found out that green ties should be avoided at all costs. They suggest the wearer is greedy, jealous and a bit of a chancer.

10 Drop any f-bombs surveyed a number of employers about the things that make them think less of employees and 64% revealed they look down on people who swear. Cursing raises questions about your professionalism, lack of maturity and lack of intelligence.

11 Forget to sort out your barnet

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Those five extra minutes in bed could be costly, because Yale University researchers have worked out it is worth doing your hair. Apparently people who reckon they’re having bad hair days experience negative psychological consequences, including reduced self-esteem and increased social insecurity.

12 Yawn

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Want to stand out from the crowd? Stop yawning and start guffawing. Researchers at McGill University studied 40 adults and found that cackles – and even the occasional whoop – make you more memorable.

13 Stare at the floor


Scientists found people who make eye contact to be more powerful, trustworthy and confident. Women also find men who seek out eye contact to be “more interesting and attractive”. 



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