Have you ever made the mistake of wearing Converse on a snow day and thinking, "Yeah, I can handle the elements in these bad boys," only to spend the rest of the day with your feet on the radiator, trying not to cry?

This winter, Converse has upped its game with the launch of its Chuck Taylor All Star Holiday 2013 Collection. Check it out.

What are they: Converse toughened up for the cold, wet winter months.
What's different: The iconic Converse silhouette is still there, but the shoe itself has been toughened up so now they're more like epic snow tanks for your feet rather than flimsy pumps that melt at the sight of rain.
Describe them in three words: Tougher Than Chuck (Norris).
Where to wear them: When you're trekking to the pub for a festive skinful by a log fire.
What to wear them with: Your mighty new winter coat.

Check out all the new styles, available now from £60, from the Schuh website.

But it's not only great new kicks that Converse are bringing to you this winter. To celebrate the launch of this new collection, Converse will transform four of London's much-loved (and ordinarily winter desolate) British pub gardens into the ultimate winter venues, kicking off on 9 November in Bethnal Green.

Check out GetWinterized for more info.