Every man has a pair of casual trainers. Even if they're paint-splattered and hidden in the back of the coat cupboard with the maps, de-icer and hoover. But what about nice ones? Like really nice ones? Le Coq Sportif has given their classic Eclat shoe a luxury makeover and, now it's finally pay day, we just want to throw our money at it.

What are they: Classic 80s trainers given a luxury makeover - the retro football casual, pulled from the terraces and stuck in a box with comfy seats, air-conditioning and an old pro giving you his play-by-play commentary.
What makes them "premium": The Eclat was originally made from synthetic materials but this has been swapped for an upper of suede and leather. You'll probably spend the first evening stroking them like a Bond villain's cat.
Where to wear them: When picking up your "Player of the Year" award at the football dinner. Just don't overdo the bubbles and do a sick on them.
What to wear them with: A really nice watch. Turn up your trousers cuffs too to really show them off.
What colours they come in: Dress blue, alloy grey and leather brown.
Where to get them: From Feb 1 on the size? website.