Hype is a brand you might already be familiar with and, even if you're not, you've probably copped someone wearing one of their iconic tees or beanies.

As expected, the UK streetwear brand has really taken off and is now making great footwear too. True to form, these aren't just any old, plain pairs of trainers either. Check them out.

What are they: Intergalactic kicks.
Why this is big news: In just two years, Hype has gone from being sold out of two mates' bedrooms to being one of the most in-demand streetwear brands in the UK right now. This is a brand you need to know about.
Describe them in three words: Skater astronaut chic.
Where to wear them: At the park or, if you're particularly co-ordinated, the skate park.
What to wear them with: These are some serious statement kicks, so you'll want to keep everything else understated. If you're feeling braver, set them off against an all-over print tee.
Christmas bonus: If you're shopping around for your girlfriend/sister/female friend, Hype has also made some seriously nice women's kicks too.

Check out their full range on the Hype website.