Here’s Leo Davie from The Coolector and his top 5 gadgets of the week to help distract you from the blistering sunburn you’ve no doubt got now summer’s decided to turn up…


01 Feddz Electric Bike

OK, in general, electric bikes are generally renowned for being a little bit shit but still, look at this one. It’s like it’s rolled straight out of god damn Demolition Man. 

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02  Cloud

Obviously, nobody really wants to wake up beneath a storm cloud, metaphorically or otherwise but this is still absolutely mind-frothingly awesome.

It’s a bluetooth lamp/speaker system that’s also a fricking cloud. It’s James Bond Villain shit that responds to movement and mimics weather noises and lightening. It’s bonkers.

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03  Devolro Diablo Toyota Tundra Expedition Truck

If you ever draw back the curtains one morning and it turns out a zombie apocalypse has transpired over night, you're going to need a vehicle to deal with that shit. Say hello to the Devolro Diablo Toyota Tundra Expedition Truck.

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04  VCXO One Magic Button Watch

A watch that aligns itself with it’s own Earth orbiting satelites to give you the most accurate, GPS controlled time piece in existence. Shockingly extravagant and probably slightly pointless really but none the less, we want it.

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05  SKOL Ice Pack

There's simply nothing better than an ice cold brewski on a hot sunny day. Why more of them are not delivered in motherfricking iceblocks we have no idea.

06  Synek Draft System

Having a bar in your living room is pretty much the dream really, although probably impractical. Unless it’s a streamlined mini bar like this bit of kit. Just don’t overdo it and make your other half call ‘time.’

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