Drop the soap and ditch the duck: Here's FHM's guide to the definitive blokey bath.


OUT: Your soggy towel
IN: A brilliant bath robe

That bath takes a while to fill up, so swan around your house airing your balls while you wait. This pure cotton robe from design don Paul Smith (£115, Selfridges) is both super-comfortable and proper ace looking.

OUT: Cold feet
IN: Luxury slippers

These herringbone wool slippers (£70, Ugg Australia) are so warm and soft, it’s like rubbing your feet on the belly of a sheep… which sounds way less weird to those in more rural areas of Britain.

OUT: A dirty back
IN: A good scrub

Get rid of all that dead skin and leave your back feeling clean and shiny thanks to this excellent loofah (£28, Heal's). It’ll help increase your circulation too.

Time wasting
IN: Learning something

The Tipping Point 
(£8.99, Amazon) isn’t that moment when the water gets too cold for your extremities to bear – it’s a mind-blowing book by Malcolm Gladwell on how small things make a difference.

The Tipping Point

OUT: Your housemate’s soap  
IN: Proper man wash

We love this shower gel (£3.49, Bulldog Skincare For Men) so much, we’d buy it flowers and hold its hand in public. Clean, fresh and affordable.

OUT: A tacky sack
IN: A talcy sack

What’s more manly than powdering your testes? We don’t know the stats, but we’re pretty sure every wrestler that’s ever lived has talced up. While this Dry Down powder (£14.85, Jack Black at Boots) is aimed at anti-workout chafing, it’s great for everyday freshness too.