Leo Davie from The Coolector give you the top 5 gadgets that have been distracting him this week and sending him into a great bit techy fever…

01  Spybolt Hidden Storage

Realistically speaking, none of us are actually James Bond and if you’re seriously on the look out for surreptitious storage solutions like this you’re probably up to no good. But it doesn’t stop them from being awesome.

Even if we’ll probably only use it for smuggling shots of tequila into festivals.

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02   Morphie USB Travel Kit

Managing to remember all of your different chargers when you go off on holiday is one of those problems that has only ever affected the current generation – my, oh my, what a ball ache it is.

Which is why a piece of it that keeps all of your electrical power-pumping gear in one handy box is the perfect bit of a travel kit. Now if only we could remember where we put our phone down.
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03  Mega Hammock

In gadget terms this is probably the lowest form of technical innovation ever and you also run the risk of looking like an absolute twonk getting into it but still, just look at it. It’s a massive god damn hammock that you could fit an entire football team on. Bring this to your BBQ and you’d be forever known as the king of party town. And that twonk that can’t navigate a hammock.

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04   Handleband Smartphone Bar Mount

If you can't stand the thought of missing Everyone Loves Raymond on your morning commute, slap one of these Handleband Smartphone Bar Mounts on the handlebars and you're good to go. As long as where you’re going is straight to the hospital you irresponsible so-and-so.

That said, use it for practical stuff like Sat Nav and you’re probably onto a winner.

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05   Sorapot

If you take your tea making seriously, you might as well get a futuristic looking vessel for brewing your favourite teas and they don't come much more awesome looking than Sorapot. It’s like something you’d barter with in a post-apocalyptic world where nobody’s ever even heard of tea.

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