Katharine Hamnett has just designed a new range of slogan t-shirts to raise global awareness of overfishing– on which, more later. But first, a quick fashion history lesson.

It was Katharine Hamnett who actually invented the slogan tee back in the early ‘80s, a time when '...Democracy hadn't delivered, protest wasn't working [and] voices were falling on deaf ears.' A far cry from the gimmicky tees that now crowd the rails in British high street chains, Hamnett’s slogans were an innovative way of calling attention to the many important social and political causes of the era.

Over 20 years on and the impact of Hamnett’s designs is still evident. Most recently, the designer lent her signature style to Selfridge’s ‘Project Ocean’ campaign, which aims to highlight the potentially disastrous consequences of global overfishing. Which means that for £40 you can bag one of the stylish men’s tees (above) and support a very worthy cause in the process. Win, win, we say.