Pop a bottle! It's that time of the week which means the weekend is here and we've got another brilliant pair of kicks to show you. This time, PUMA MMQ present the Disc Cage Cork Pack.

What they are: Right corkers. Corking great. Bottle-poppingly brilliant. The puns go on. They're trainers, with cork in them. Which sounds ludicrous but humour us because they're brilliant.

Who makes them: PUMA

So that's actually cork? Sure is. Cork first starting popping up on trainers last year and now it's made its way over to PUMA. 

Where are the laces? There aren't any. PUMA have used their signature Disc Closure system on the front. You turn the knob to make them tighter. Now no-one can tie your shoes together while you sneak in a power nap.

Where to wear them: When you're camping in the woods and have to trek the shops because OF COURSE you forgot the tent pegs.

What to wear them with: A rain-beating jacket and a manly-as-anything axe. For chopping fire wood, obviously...

How much they are: £120 from size?

What colours they come in: Three - grey, chili and dachsund...which is apparently a colour as well as a dog.

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