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Matt Edmondson — granddaddy cool

Matt Edmondson — granddaddy cool

Matt Edmondson is like a waiter who brings you your food and then eats it himself. On his eponymous Radio 1 show and as co-host of T4's Freshly Squeezed, he interviews rafts of celebrities, but he does most of the talking.

The thing is, unlike a dinner-stealing waiter, 25-year-old Matt Edmondson is adored for his motormouth. Sure, he does occasionally rub an easily-offended celebrity up the wrong way, but it's hard to stay angry with a pint-sized funnyman wearing a charming knitted jumper, isn't it?

Indeed, a quick check of his Twitter page proves as much:

"Thanks for the jumper compliments. You know I love knitwear like family, so it's appreciated."

Well, Matt, prepare for one more compliment: we really like your jumpers. (Yeah, compliments were never our strong point.)

Why we love his granddaddy cool style
In a world increasingly dominated by gym-obsessed meatheads and deep V-necks that are so deep you can step out of them, Matt's deliberately uncool style is, well, actually very cool. Wearing patterns and materials that none of your peers would go for suggests you're not concerned about what others think and you're not obsessed with fitting in - giving you an inimitable air of cachet.

Get the look
The quality of the high street nowadays means it's not necessary to break the bank to look good. Matt's a huge TopMan fan and is unlikely to be seen splashing big bucks on top-end designer gear. Grab a jumper you'd normally reserve for Christmas day and wear it over a slim-fit polo. Team with some coloured chinos, plus brogues or boat shoes, and you're laughing.


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