Christmas has officially been and gone, our bellies are full of turkey and our eBay is over flowing with unwanted gifts (not really, Mum). Leo Davie rounds up some of the gadgets you might want to spend your money on when your PayPal's cleared...

01  iPro Lens

Imagine how much better your phone pictures could be if you used an epic spy lens instead of the tiny, flat effort currently nestled on the back of your iPhone. How arty and fancy your snaps would be. You're pretty much be a real photographer.

OK, you probably wouldn't, but your phone and your pictures would all look a helluva lot better.

Price: £40+ at Schneider

02  Withings Smart Body Analyser

After spending the past few days eating your own body weight in leftovers, it probably isn't the best time to "analyse your body". But, if you're feeling brave, step aboard the Withings Smart Body Analyser.

Don't be surprised if the advanced little fella starts reeling off "Yo momma's so fat...." one-liners though.

See more at Withings

03  Airfy Wireless Router

Needless to say, there is literally nobody in the world that's proud of their wireless router. As gadgets go they're hardly the first one that you'd offer forward as a measure of your technological brilliance or stylish taste. 

But what if our wireless routers look like Stargate or some shit like this number from Airfy?

Price: £100 at IndieGoGo

04  Batmobile Phone Case

Good bless the Japanese – they come up with some of the most bonkers but also brilliantly unnecessary gadgets known to man.

If you want to put your phone down on the table at a restaurant and have it scare the shit out of the other phones, then this is for you.

Price: Thousands of Yen, available at Bandai (the site is in Japanese – good luck with that).

05  Impossible Instant Lab

It might look like a Mayan temple, but the Impossible Instant Lab is, in fact, the thing that any smartphone happy snapping, Instagram power-user has been waiting for.

Namely, the opportunity to print out all those great photos you take on a night out instantly by plugging your smartphone in and pressing go. 

Price: £219 at Impossible Instant Labs