We're days away from Christmas, so get ready for some pretty mental panic buying this weekend.

Leo Davie of The Coolector takes a look at some of the gadgets and gizmos that might find themselves on the panic-buying list. OK, maybe not the Batman watch – unless you're completely insane or rich enough to own a football club...

01  Pirate Corkscrew

Getting drunk is a prerequisite for Christmas, so you might as well have a kitchen ally that won't judge you for opening your fifth bottle of wine before you've even swallowed your first Christmas Day sprout.

This brilliant Pirate corkscrew will not only be that ally, but he'll also provide you much comic relief when your friends have left and you're sat drinking alone. "Look at his leg!"

Price: £10 at SuckUK

02  Rubber Band Machine Gun

Probably one of the greatest (and most bonkers-looking) harbingers of doom we've ever seen.

Hitting a friend with ONE elastic band is great ,but imagine the unbridled joy of doing it with a million of them, all hailing down at the same time like a stationery based Apocalypse Now.

Price: £60 at Kickstarter

03  Waring Commercial Waffle Maker

We've all got impulse purchases in our kitchen that we probably don't really need – potato vaporisers, anyone? – and this is arguably destined to fall in the same category. But, at least for that one lazy Sunday where you use it, it'll be amazing.

It's your one-way ticket to clogged arteries and contentment.

Price: £300 at Waring

04  Rebellion Gotham Watch

If you've ever woken up and thought "You know what? I'm going to spend the price of a house on a watch today," then let us direct your attention to these insane-looking Rebellion Gotham watches.

Sure, they look absolutely impossible to tell the time on but hey, it only costs in excess of £100,000, so what do you expect?

Price: £100,000+ at Rebellion Watches

05  Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Truth be told, texting with gloves on is a pretty hit-and-miss affair and you'll likely to have called your boss a dick when all you're meaning to do is call in sick.

But unlike most of their clumsy competitors that feel like you're wearing oven gloves, these Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves are precise beasts and will have you typing like a boss.

Price: £80 at Mujji

Words by Leo Davie. Check out more of his awesome stuff at The Coolector.