Nike might not be renowned for its skating nuances, but it's slowly getting there – and it can only be helped by investing in kicks like these brand-new Janoski Max from Nike Skateboarding.

Here’s the lowdown.

What are they? Nike Skateboarding’s latest street-savvy addition, based on original designs by pro-skateboarder Stefan Janoski.

Haven’t we seen them before? Sort of. They’re inspired by an earlier Janoski design, but they’ve been tweaked. They’re now lighter and have an Air Max/Free sole to give them more of a sport vibe.

Where to wear them:  When you’re making the transition between skate-freak and streetwear trendy and you’re tired of your standard Vans. They’re probably not great for actual skating, but they still have the right aesthetic and they’ll keep your feet pretty damn comfy between half-pipes.

What to wear them with: Give it the full street-look vibe: whack on an oversized white T-shirt, throw in a snapback and add some solid, well cut jeans, turned up and nestled over the tongues and uppers.

Where to get them: £90, JD