Launching this month is Nike’s latest Tier Zero (their most exclusive styles and colour-ways) range, The What The Max collection.

The new collection features three classics from the Air Max range, all with the introduction of the innovative Hyperfuse technology. The Air Max 90, 95, 2012 all come in a bold neon colour pallet highlighting the Hyperfuse technique and are all sexy as fook.

Nike Air Max Hyperfuse

These will shift at one hell of a pace so keep your eyes fixed on Hanon, End, Ran, Crooked Tongues and Urban Industry this month.

The Story Behind The Radness

How did Nike go from selling kicks out of the boot of a car to being the Billy Big Bollocks of sportswear? Innovation, bitches.

If, when Nike released their Hyperfuse technology last year it passed you by you could be forgiven. The technology unleashed by the global trainer gods came and went with relatively little fanfare within mainstream culture but don’t let this fool you, this is a game changer of massive proportions.

The technique (which is probably the biggest thing to happen to trainers since Nike invented the air bubble) came about when Nike designer Shane Kohatsu took a visit to the hardwearing outdoor basketball courts of China where lads were playing in everything from light yet unsupportive running creps to strong but heavy hiking boots. The goal was to encompass all this in one beautiful hybrid trainer.

Shane found that the most durable materials don’t breathe and the most breathable materials don’t last. Over two years he experimented with different materials, heat and pressure and finally he found a way to fuse materials together, making a crazy-ass composite and dubbed it Hyperfuse.

No Stitches Bitches

At this point the leading innovator for Nike Sportswear, Ben Shaffer, sticks his oar in and makes a few happy accidents. He discovered that the material kept a level of translucency, so you could see the colours layered below, and like any genius, he ran with this to make up an Air Max 90 and quite literally blew everyone’s mind.

All this basically translates into a trainer that’s pretty-as-fuck, super-light weight, seriously hard-wearing and more mind blowing than all of the above, it has absolutely no stiches.