TV box sets are all very well and good but, once you watch it once, will you ever watch it again? This here box set is a trifecta of musical heritage that encapsulates the past AND the present. And will last a lot longer. Take THAT Breaking Bad seasons 1-4...

FLY53, Arturo Vega and The Great Frog have collabed on this awesome box set, containing a super nice tee, a must-have hatchet necklace and, of course, a punk fanzine. Who be these brands? you might ask. Well, let us introduce you...

Arturo Vega: He was the creative director for The Ramones, He designed their iconic logo and everything else visual for the band. He's also an ace artist in his own right.

The Great Frog
: Established in 1972, this company made its name by catering for rockers and bikers. They're a family-run business who pride themselves on creating individually hand-carved pieces made on site.

FLY53: Another brand with a huge music history, they've worked with a whole host of musicians and mavericks including The Queens Of The Stone Age and Gary Numan. They offer a different slant on what mainstream understandings are of a clothing brand.

fly53 x the great frog x arturo vega box set

This collaboration draw on a bit of each of the three to show their origins, past and present. In the limited edition box set, you will get:

- The Tee: Front print is an exclusive Arturo Vega image. Back print is half the original Ramones logo and half of FLY53's logo, which in turn borrowed from the Ramones logo. Available in black and white.

fly53 x the great frog x arturo vega box set

- The Hatchet: The Great Frog have recreated an updated version of Arturo's hatchet from the 70's that he got from a thrift store.

fly53 x the great frog x arturo vega box set
- the Zine: Nothing punk would be complete without a fanzine. Photocopied and handmade (as they should be), the zine tells the story of the collaboration with interviews from all involved.

There are only 100 boxes going, 80 bronze and 20 silver. They're on sale from FLY53's website from April 2, so put it in your calendar!

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