One of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could own, we show you the best polo shirts around - and offer up a few tips on how to wear them...

They may have started off as typical garb for tennis, and then polo (hence the name, duh) but polo shirts are now the ultimate item you can wear with everything. Go smart with a cardigan and dark jeans for a date, or chuck on a hoody and a pair of trainers at the weekend.


Why we like it: It’s colourful enough to make you stand out from the crowd but isn’t eye-hurtingly bright. The updated yellow logo is also a cool change from the small, green one.

Fred Perry

Why we like it: Red on its own can look a bit intense (and arouse bulls) but wearing this shirt with navy and white will balance things out, so try a pair of dark jeans and plimsolls and you'll be set.

Money Clothing

Black might seem a bit dressy, but the gold/yellow details on the collar and arms make it a bit less serious.You can wear it with jeans, but since it's quite dark, a pair of chinos would look much better.

Wait! Before you go and buy all of the above, we’ve got some extra-useful style tips for polo shirts to make you wiser than an owl with thick-rimmed glasses on.

Buttoning up: sometimes buttoning your polo shirt all the way up will make you look like a right numpty. The basic rule is, if it can be buttoned up without you bursting a blood vessel, then go for it. Otherwise, ABSTAIN.

Tucking in: Don’t do this. Some polo shirts have longer hems at the back (it comes from Olden Times when people wore these things to play sports in). Tucking it in makes you look like you’re having a mid-life crisis, stop it.

Fit: slim, classic, custom… if you’re wearing a polo shirt for playing sports in, get a classic fit for a bit more room. Otherwise, a slim-fit polo is a safe bet.