The construction above, Porsche’s new museum in the Stuttgart suburb of Zuffenhausen, has three legs. It’s a pretty gutsy architectural effort, the sort normally only forged out of necessity on perilous mountainside dwellings. But in this case, Vienna-based architecture firm Delugan Meissl won the pitch back in 2005 because it was the most spectacular on the table.

The building, all 60,300 square feet and 35,000 metric tonnes of it, opened to the public on January 31. It’s the new home of Porsche’s back catalogue of classic cars, conferencing facilities, a gourmet restaurant and, of course, their trophy cabinet. The majority of the cars are still roadworthy and compete in vintage races and classic cars events, which means the exhibition will continuously chop and change.

For the real petrol heads, there’s also glass-fronted workshop, where you can watch mechanics getting the rare cars ready to drive. But best of all? A massive elevator that whisks new cars up to a rooftop presentation area for their ceremonial unveiling. And the ultra-glam piss-up afterwards, no doubt.


Exclusive pictures courtesy of Uli Jooss, who documented the whole construction process