Following a previous collaboration on the Bluefield project (if you missed it then give yourself a face slap), French label BWGH and Puma have joined forces like sporty fashion superheroes for a new collection, which includes two serious pairs of kicks.

Serious meaning awesome not law degree.




Because trainer giants Puma realized that both themselves and BWGH shared a surprisingly arty interest in the American expressionist painting movement. Particularly the work of Hans Hofmann and Helen Frankenthaler. And so, drawing from their use of intense colours and thought provoking paint splashes they decided to create a fashion tribute.

Expert intel:

Ok, so the arty undertones might go over your head slightly unless you’re one of those uber-cool Tumblr fashionista types, but that doesn’t mean to say it’s all bullshit. Intellectual backgrounds aside they’ve managed to draw together some pretty cool inspiration and come up with a pair of trainers that everyone’ll love with the added bonus that you can say it’s inspired by proper works of art.

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