Who or what the holy hell is Rum Knuckles?

Well, Uncle Rum Knuckles was a boxer for The Royal Navy in WWII. A champion of the people. A rebellious, bare-fisted, fighting legend of the streets. A well-dressed ladies' man. A gentle giant with a lion's heart.

Why should I care?

Because his great nephew, adopting the nickname of Rugman from his uncle, has created the raw, gritty yet sophisticated streetwear brand Rum Knuckles. This is their new lot for spring/summer 2013. And we think it rocks.

Rum Knuckles SS13

You might have seen Rugman's work on the streets of East London. He also has a highly acclaimed commercial art and graphic design career. His brand's philosophy is "to create clothes we like to wear, graphics we like to draw whilst listening to the music we love…"

His aim is to dress the crazy youth, the skater,  the BMXer, the good old-fashion British punk.

Rumknuckles SS13

Sound like your kinda thing? You bet it does! Check them out on the Rum Knuckles website.