Need a suit? And a good one to boot? You'd be well advised to make your way to John Lewis where the Richard James Mayfair collection has just gone exclusively in store. If Richard James isn't ringing any bells, allow us to refresh your memories. A tailor on London's Savile Row, James has won just about every award going, despite the brand being only 15 years old (most tailors on the row have been there since your grandfather was little). Being on Savile Row also means that to be able to afford one of their suits, you need to be earning a 'comfortable' wage.

Now though you can walk into John Lewis and pick up a suit from James' new diffusion line for a much more affordable price. Granted, it's not a bespoke suit, but James is a stickler for quality and he knows that he would be unwise to put his name on anything less than a brilliant whistle (and flute, suit). Go to for more details.