Lazy Man's Guide To Fitness #1

Posted by , 17 June 2013

Run as fast as The Flash

Run as fast as The Flash

Struck by lightning and sent flying into a shelf of radioactive chemicals (which is pretty unlucky by anyone’s standard, really), Barry Allen developed superhuman speed. The long-rumored Justice League movie should see his luck change as he rubs shoulders with Batman and Superman on screen.

Here's how you can boost your own speed without going all nuclear...

Get The Power

If you want to be fast you need to train fast. Stop running long distances and choose short burst sprints of 20-50 metres. Keep the rest periods long to allow full recovery between sets, the goal is performance, not getting out of breath.
Start with 6 sets of 40 metre sprints three times a week, resting three minutes between sprints. After 2-3 weeks you should begin to notice, not only an increased level in fitness but also an increase in pace.
Always warm up thoroughly to avoid muscle strains.

The Super Cheat

Stretch your hip flexors regularly, this increases stride length making you faster.


Words: Zack Cahill at Aegis Training

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