Thanks to London 2012, a lot more of us are running, cycling, and long-jumping to the shops (Ok, maybe not that). But, how can we be sure we're maximising our full fitness potential?

Last year, we flew all the way out to Jamaica to meet Olympic legend and fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. When we asked him what training and nutrition tips we could take back to Jolly Old England, this is what he told us…

01 If you want to achieve something, you have to work for it
"I train six times a week. I do gym for an hour and a half, training for two to three hours and a fitness workout three times a week for an hour on different body parts. You've got to put in the hours."

02 Eat healthily
"I used to eat a lot of bad food when I was younger but when I was in China [for Beijing 2008] I didn't really want to eat the food, so I stuck to chicken nuggets. I'm now trying to eat better and have a better diet. I eat a lot of sweet potato and a lot of meat for protein. I like fried food, but I also have fruit for brunch and vitamins to balance it out."

03 Stretch, stretch, stretch
"It's so, so important to stretch before and after a race. I have a physio who stretches me - before I run I always do at least 40-45 minutes warm-up"