As proven by the riot-style news footage on Boxing Day, real life sales shopping is strictly for lunatics and masochists, while clever people snap up all the best stuff on the Internet. After the longest festive break in living memory, it’s going to take at least three days before you remember how to do any actual work, so use today to scour the best of the online sales from the comfort of your own desk.

A good place to start is Folk, a British menswear label that is rapidly becoming synonymous with really, really good knitwear. The idealists among you may already be dreaming of your Spring wardrobes, but let’s be realistic here: It’s January, you’re in Britain, and you have at least three more months before any clothing label bearing the words ‘cotton’, ‘jersey’ or ‘linen’ starts to look appealing again. So bag yourself a classic, well-made wardrobe staple like this mid blue, wool crew neck or this navy cardigan. At £65 and £80 respectively, they’re not too harsh on your pillaged, post-Christmas wallet, plus they’ll last you well into next winter. Or summer. Because they’re basically the same thing in this country, aren’t they?