Some things quite literally never go out of fashion. Here’s the man-items to invest in that’ll pass the test of time...

Quality Jeans

investment jeans

Life expectancy: 1.5 years = 33p per wear
£120 by Edwin,

It makes more sense investing in expensive jeans than anything else in your wardrobe as they’ll last longer than any high-street equivalent. Buy them raw or in a heavy indigo and they’ll bleach and wear naturally, getting better with age.

Leather Wallet
investment wallet
Life expectancy: 10 years = 5p per wear
£205 by BAPE,

It seems ironic to spend a lot of money on a wallet if you don’t have that much to begin with, but buy better quality and you’ll be buying less often making life more cost effective.

White Shirt

investment shirt
Life expectancy: 1 year = 41p per wear
£19.90 by Uniqlo,

It’s a no-brainer. Its versatility means it’s great for work, but equally at home with jeans in the pub – it goes with just about anything, even shorts. While a designer label is nice to have, this is definitely an item you can pick up on the high street, just make sure the cotton’s not too thin. It’s definitely worth having at least one, if not two of these in your fashion armoury.

Simple Watch
investment watch
Life expectancy: 10 years = 5p per wear
£185 by Triwa,

What with having an accurate clock on your phone, it means that owning a good timepiece is more of a statement than it’s been in ages, but you needn’t spend a fortune to get one. This simple but elegant Triwa watch is great value and will work with most guy-styles.

Versatile Suit
investment suit
Life expectancy: 5 years = 18p per wear
£460 by Nigel Hall,

A two or three button suit really is an investment and while you might not get a lot of everyday wear out of it, it’s worth getting a good ’un. If you go for a navy or grey, you’ll increase your options of what shirts and ties you can wear with it but also, what occasions you can wear it for. Don’t forget, you can always break the suit down and wear it as separates, ie. the jacket with jeans or chinos.

Posh Brogues
investment shoes
Life expectancy: 10 years = 27p per wear
£195 by Grenson,

These transcend the formal and casual divide, they’ll last for years and even when the bottoms go, you can have them resoled. More traditional colours offer greater longevity – black, brown or ox blood. Just polish them regularly.