So you think you're cool do you? Really? Maybe you are, but if you're looking like this, you certainly won't look it. There's a whole world of smart casual shockers awaiting you if you start combining an Eric Cantona collar with a smart jacket and classic runners. Here's our guide to getting it right...

Collar styling
Just keep it inside the jacket. You’re not Travolta in Saturday Night Fever – nor should you pretend to be. Ever.

Textured jacket meets check shirt
The raised textured stripes clash with the check of the shirt, as they would with any stripe or bold pattern – too much detail going on. The suit jacket should be plain to complement the busy shirt. This jacket would work with plainer, dressier items for a more formal occasion rather than this smart-casual hybrid. If you need a new one, check out New Look for more men's jackets.

Length of jacket
A little over-cropped. While there’s a current trend for slim, fitted jackets, this length is too “fashion” for the outfit.

The Half-tucked Shirt
This doesn’t say cool or relaxed, it says messy. Has to be in or out; half done is plain sloppy.

Shirt colour and style
It’s not that we’re being inverse snobs – well, only a bit – but this type of bold pink check screams out style-less toff. Pink is great for shirts – but a pale pink in either a plain block or fine stripe is way more subtle. This is also one of those untextured non-iron shirts (no “handle”, as they say in the trade): fine for wearing with a suit, but too stiff for this softer ensemble.

No belt
The outfit is crying out for a belt to bridge the top-half/bottom-half divide and structure the top of these dull denims.

Over-washed/distressed jeans
The wash and fabric are too casual for the top half. To be worn with a formal jacket, jeans should be one shade of a plain fabric – either a block colour or a block wash with no fading, raw edges, rips, rivets, studs, prints or badges. No place for pale dad-denim here…


Running shoes
This type of performance trainer is only meant for exercise/sport and doesn’t work as a casual/fashion shoe or with jeans – and certainly not with a structured jacket. The chunky sole itself is enough to ruin the overall look.